In collaboration with biotechnological multinational company Natraceutical Group, Natra created the first range of functional and nutritional cocoa and chocolate products directed toward private label brands, according to the company. One of Natra’s new lines, calledChocolactive, features five chocolate bar varieties, including Premium Plain Chocolate, with polyphenols and antioxidant effects; Premium Milk Chocolate, with polyphenols; Fiber Chocolate; Energy Chocolate; and Low-Lactose Chocolate. The company also offersVital’Crustycandy bars, containing a whole grain cookie covered in cream, yogurt and red fruits, enrobed in chocolate.

With the international private label market increasing, the companies’ goal is to provide international retailers with innovative products at competitive prices. Natra has invested almost six million Euros in its NatraZahor plant, located in Onati, Spain, in machinery and research and development.