As the global economy begins its gradual recovery, this year's exhibition promises plenty of innovative solutions designed to take advantage of the rebound. 

As the deadline approaches, bakers and confectioners are going through their checklists to ensure they don’t miss any innovations suppliers plan to showcase at iba 2009, which runs October 3-9 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

For trade visitors, iba offers a wide range of products and services in the segments of raw materials, production technology and sales. Furthermore, exhibitors will display the latest developments in production technology with energy-efficient bakery and confectionery systems, along with innovative techniques for refrigerating and freezing products. Given heightened interest in food safety, there also will be a clear emphasis on sanitation.

Moreover, attendees will discover all the latest new product trends from countries around the world. According to show organizers, one main area of focus this year will be snacks, light meals and convenient, portable and handheld products.

Aasted Mikroverk’s Conny convection oven featuring the ReConny energy recovery module that provides up to  80% heat recovery.

Aasted-Mikroverk/Aasted DFT

Aasted-Mikroverk, which recently acquired Danish Food Technology (DFT), will display the benefits of crossover knowledge as it applies to delivering chocolate and bakery solutions.

The company’s newest temperer, the AMC SuperNova series, which was launched at interpack 2008, will be featured. This latest generation module covers anything from straight heat exchanging of any pumpable mass to highly precise creation of Beta V crystals in high-quality chocolate mass. The exhibited CTS Aeration version features a space-saving, built-in compact tempering system for re-circulation of excess mass.

Visitors also will see the Alice 1000 depositor/extruder, a high-end production machine designed for a very broad variety of dough types and masses, from butter dough to heavy wire-cut dough. Alice is especially advantageous in diversified production and has the lowest impact on dough texture and inclusions on the market. Changeovers are fast and cleaning is easy with the unit’s QuickShift tools. An optional tool-pack provides aerated, One-Shot and Triple-Shot capabilities.

The company also will exhibit Conny, its new industrial bakery convection oven, with a ReConny energy recovery module. The Conny oven was launched at interpack 2008 and represents the newest technology in industrial bakery ovens. It has an aerodynamically improved interior and large-sized sanitary inspection doors for quick and easy cleaning, and maintenance of the oven interior. The ReConny energy module features an inventive technique providing up to 80% heat recovery. It ensures highly accurate control of oven temperature and minimizes your energy cost, not to mention a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions to the environment.

Visit Aasted Mikroverk and Aasted DFT at iba at Hall 11, booths D44 and D48.

Tanis Food Tec’s Roto Plant for Shortening allows manufacturers to make their own shortenings.

Tanis Food Tec

Tanis Food Tec (TFT) will introduce two brand-new additions to its product range at iba. 

First, the RotoPlant for Shortening unit offers biscuit manufacturers the option to make their own shortening, which simplifies dough preparation.

With the RotoPlant for Shortening, bakers can purchase their own oils instead of solid fats and make the correct shortening in-house. Oils are directly stored in silos, which cuts back on packaging material waste, eliminates handling of boxes and reduces manual labor costs.

As part of its “green” design, the unit uses risk-free ice water as a cooling medium instead of the usual coolants, such as ammoniac or glycol.

Because the shortening produced on the RotoPlant is immediately ready for use, no storage tanks for ageing are necessary.

Some of the unit’s other features include automatic feeding, viscosity control and a single universal control panel for settings such as capacities and water temperatures.

The RotoPlant for Shortening includes a RotoTemp scraped surface heat exchanger, a RotoPlus continuous pin blender and five controlled warm & cold water circuits.

The second innovation to be introduced at iba by TFT is the RotoSheeter, a sheeter-depositor that allows manufacturers to deposit multiple lanes in widths from 400 to 1,200 mm.

Specifically designed to handle the continuous and pressure-less depositing of a variety of products, the unit can handle sheeting of cake batter on a steel band oven and creams on cake or wafers as well as caramel, jams and other semi-viscous materials.

The thickness of the sheet is equal over the full lane width and also adjustable, from 1 to 10 mm. The RotoSheeter offers the possibility to process higher viscosity products thanks to its dual roller system, with one feed roll and one depositing roll.

Visit TFT in Hall 11, booth A32.

Sollich’s Decormatic DC4 with a 820-mm belt width.

Sollich KG

Sollich KG, together with its sister company, Chocotech GmbH, will exhibit jointly at iba. Some of the newly developed equipment that will be on display at the booth include an automatic decorating device type Decormatic DC4 with a 820-mm belt width and a Minitemper for feeding the decorating machine, a high-performance enrober Enromat M5-1050 Magnum with 1050-mm belt width, a Turbotemper type TT 2200 for feeding the enrober and a newly developed Turbotemper-type TT 100 B for small capacities.

Show attendees also will see a chocolate coating machine in action, as well as the Minicoater TTS 420 with a 420-mm belt width supported by a Thermo-Flow plus cooling tunnel type LSK 420.

Other equipment on display include the following: the Fondamat FD 420 with 420-mm belt width for enrobing pastries and biscuits with cold or warm sugar icings, a Sollcotop enrobing system designed for half-coated and strip coating of products, a Sollcofill depositing system and the Sollcoform, a new type of rotary moulding machine for cereal  products with sugar binder.

Visit Sollich KG at Hall 11, booths B15/C16.

Chocotech’s Sucrofilm 1000 thin film cooker.

Chocotech GmbH

At Chocotech GmbH’s iba booth, which it will share with Sollich KG, the company will showcase a Sucrofilm 1000 thin film cooker for the cooking of temperature-sensitive and protein-content masses, a Sucrotwist for the continuous cooking of nearly all sugar masses without proteins, a Tornado aerator for the continuous aeration of sugar masses and the Glossmaster CTR 100 enrober with a belt width of 1,000 mm, for use with either compound or chocolate.   

Chocotech also will display a Princess candy lab cooker in universal execution for cooking, pressure dissolving, pressure cooking, vacuuming, double vacuuming, with dissolving and aeration of sugar masses - batch sizes ranging from 3 to 6 kg.

Visit Chocotech at Hall 11, booths B15/C16.