Confectionery manufacturers get a sneak peak at equipment being featured at the upcoming Upakovka/ProSweets shows.


UK-based BCH Limited recently installed its new Micro Licorice Extrusion line at a start-up company called Lakrids in Denmark.
“I am delighted with the recent licorice line installed by BCH and the excellent support we have received over the past few months working together,” comments Lakrids’ Johan Bulöw, its managing director. “Everyone at Lakrids is very excited about what the future will bring.”
Such optimism about the future stems from Bulöw’s recent appearance on a national television program in Denmark, which prompted hundreds of licorice inquiries a week later. The program showed Bulöw at the Tivoli Christmas Markets talking about how his company has grown since buying the Micro Licorice Extrusion line along with BCH’s processing expertise. The move enabled Bulöw to meet the rapidly growing market for his traditional Danish licorice product.
The Micro Liquorice Extrusion line is a cost-effective solution for new start-up companies as well as for those established companies looking at certain developing markets within the Middle East, Africa and Asia who wish to gain a foothold in the sector, without committing huge initial outlay. BCH expects its new user-friendly and easy-to-install solution to be of interest to those niche companies serving smaller segments of the confectionery industry. The new extrusion line presents a viable option as users invariably lack the large sales volumes to warrant investment in larger, more expensive production lines and may also offer advantages to test kitchen environments.
In addition to its ability to extrude traditional confectionery products, BCH’s new extrusion line has also been designed in tune with the continued move toward more responsible, healthy-eating attitudes. As a result, the new line offers the capability for 100% fruit and vegetable extrusion to suit the latest consumer trends for natural, organic and clean ingredient labels on snack products.
As Matthew Cottam, BCH’s technical director, explains, “Increasingly within the confectionery industry, there are niche providers like Lakrids who are striving to differentiate themselves by offering something more special and exquisite than the mass producers. By offering an economical confectionery extrusion line, we have helped Lakrids achieve their dreams.”
For more information, contact:
BCH Ltd.Spring Place, Millfold, Whitworth, Lancashire, UK, OL12 8DN.
Tel.: +44 (0) 1706 852122
Fax: +44 (0) 1706 853629
Web site:

Tempa 420 enrober

A.E. Nielsen

In connection with the forthcoming ProSweets and ISM exhibitions, A.E. Nielsen will be exhibiting a few examples of their wide program of enrobers and cooling tunnels.
At A.E. Nielsen, there’s constant development and improvement of both new and already existing machines. This year the company has chosen to exhibit a Babyflex enrober, a Tempa 420 enrober, a new Junior enrober, and a cooling tunnel, which is known for its streamlined and elegant design as well as for its reliability and high efficiency.
With the aforementioned equipment, the company demonstrates first and foremost the reliability of the machinery; reliability that provides manufacturers with production stability, always a key focus. Not only are the machines well-suited for three-shift operation, they are also very easy to clean, maintain and operate.
In today’s food safety-conscious world, sanitation is a critical parameter in the purchase of new equipment. Many years ago A.E. Nielsen introduced the concept of a “removable service tank” in its line of enrobers, which the customers really appreciated. The removable service tank translates into very easy cleaning and maintenance. If the enrober is used for different chocolate masses, an extra service tank can also reduce the change-over time considerably. Although competitors have tried to copy this unique system, their efforts have not replicated A.E. Nielsen’s successful design.
To operate the machines, the company has chosen to use standard PLC and touch-screen systems. Two companies with global reputations are used and this means fast and efficient service in case a problem should arise. Also assistance can be obtained from local PLC suppliers as the customers are not limited by “home-made” software or hardware.
For more information, contact:
A.E. Nielsen Maskinfabrik ApS Hirsemarken 2-8 3520 Farum, Denmark
Tel.: +45 44 34 20 00
Fax: +45 44 34 20 20
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth C-008.

The CAO 3000 IN-LINE installation


Caotech b.v., based in Wormerveer, the Netherlands, has a worldwide reputation as specialist in self-developed ball mills and conches within the cocoa and chocolate-related processing sector. At this year’s ProSweets exhibition, Caotech will be pleased to discuss the latest developments on cocoa, chocolate and compound processing.

Drawing upon years of expertise in conjunction with its extensive field experience, the company recently launched a number of developments in the field of cocoa, chocolate and compound applications.

Traditionally Caotech’s equipment range covers a wide variety of installations, varying from a small, lab-sized ball mill, type CAO B5, to the well-known CAO B2000-CHOC batch installation (which will be on display at Pro Sweets), to the CAO 3000, a key component in a continuous production line for both cocoa and chocolate in complete turnkey projects.

The company’s sophisticated CAO 3000 IN-LINE installation (pictured) is a fully automated processing line for the production of chocolate and compound with capacities of up to 1,500 kg/hour. Upon customer’s requirements, the line can be completed with ingredients dosing and weighing sections.

Recently Caotech also developed an alternative continuous conching unit to be used as a wet conching system. This CWC 2000 (Continuous Wet Conche) can be placed behind traditional conches for final homogenization and conching, as well as behind ball mill systems for obtaining a high quality chocolate.

At ProSweets, Caotech will exhibit the CAO B2000 mixer/ball mill refiner for chocolate and compound production with a capacity of 450 kg/hour.

For more information, contact:
Caotech b.v.
Handelsweg 3
1521 NH  Wormerveer
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)75- 640 4313
Fax: +31 (0)75- 640 4312
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth D-058. At Upakovka, visit Hall 2.2, booth B-02.

The 755 line


A.M.P-Rose started out as a supplier of rebuilt packaging machines in 1978. Today, the company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of machines to the chocolate and candy industries, with 75% of its products being exported to more than 80 countries worldwide.

At ProSweets 2009, A.M.P-Rose will be exhibiting a completely new design of a continuous caramel cooker. The system consists of a load-cell based raw material dosing and dissolving unit, a dissolver, a continuous toffee cooker, and color/flavor metering and feeding unit. These component parts are linked together with the appropriate transfer pumps/pipework and the whole system is skid-mounted and manufactured from food-grade stainless steel.

The continuous caramel cooker boasts the latest in PLC controls with easy-to-use operator interface units, which provide both flexibility in terms of different recipes, and consistent product quality.

The unit delivers unrivalled product quality and taste because it works on the same principle as a batch cooker, with the cooking and caramelization being achieved simultaneously. The end result is a well-emulsified, smooth caramel with accurate control of the final moisture content, flavor and color.

The final cooked product is then discharged onto a cooling drum, with an integrated belt conveyor, which takes the product directly to the batch roller for further processing. The A.M.P-Rose 750 and Super 42HS cut and wrap lines are ideal for this purpose.

This new development allows A.M.P-Rose to offer a complete manufacturing and packaging system, from the raw material feeding right through to the wrapped and bagged product, which requires minimal operator intervention. Outputs of up to 1,500 kgs/hour are possible with this system.  The equipment will be on display at the A.M.P-Rose stand at ProSweets.

For more information, contact:
Heapham Road North, Gainsborough Lincs
Tel.: +44 1427 611969
Fax: +44 1427 616854

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth C-030.

The Laboratory Rotamat

Klöckner Hänsel

Klöckner Hänsel´s installations and machines have the most advanced available technology. They are successfully operated world-wide and enable customers to produce high-quality hard candies, chewy candies, candy and cereal bars, toffee, fondant and other specialities.

Accompanied by their Spanish “Gentlemen´s Agreement” partner, Lloveras S. A., as well as by their French partner, Proform, with which Klöckner Hänsel already had several joint appearances at interpack, the company will participate at this year’s ProSweets in Cologne for the first time ever.

At the show, Klöckner Hänsel Processing will exhibit their new continuous and universal laboratory cooker, theRotamat 3609. TheRotamat3609 can be used as a bypass-cooker for milk recipes in research and development departments or capacious industrial facilities. This combined unit will also have a laboratory jelly cooker type, theJellyStar(touch-panel-operated).

Klöckner Hänsel welcomes new and familiar customers as well as interested qualified personnel to its joint stand at the show.

For more information, contact:

Klöckner-Hänsel Processing GmbH
Lister Damm 19
D - 30163 Hannover
Tel. +49 (0)511 6267-212
Fax +49 (0)511 6267-306
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth E-039.


With the launch of its multihead weigher MP 28-400/400-A, Multipond has reinforced its position as the market-leading innovator in the design and manufacture of multihead weighing systems.

Twelve months in development, the weigher debuted at interpack 2008 in Düsseldorf and is already in operation at various manufacturers. The MP 28-400/400-A was also shown at Pack/Process Expo in Chicago and will now again be demonstrated as a working exhibit at the ProSweets show in February 2009 in Cologne, Germany.

The MP28-400/400-A combination weigher is designed to deposit efficient outputs in excess of 450 weighings per minute while maintaining the highest accuracy, making it the fastest combination weigher on the market.

Moreover, the machine is extremely compact, which makes it the perfect solution for installations with restricted headroom. The newly reduced-size hoppers (0.4 liters), enables the unit to scale smaller target weights (< 1g), making it ideally suited for the weighing of mini bags for confectionery manufacturers.

The 28-head weigher operates on the principal of combining partial quantities to achieve the target weight. The machine is controlled and operated by a user-friendly, color touch-screen. All product contact parts are available in a number of materials, thus ensuring highest weighing efficiency and the highest repeatable accuracy for all different product types. All hoppers and product contact parts can be removed without tools for adjustments for product changeovers and cleaning.

By combining the weigher with the patented oscillating high-speed transfer system, the  “Twin Double Duckmouth,” the unit operates at 40% higher speeds when compared to conventional discharge hoppers, thus ensuring maximum output. 

Multipond is the sales and service division of the German-based manufacturing company Atoma, which has been in business since 1947. The first automatic weighing system for the packaging industry was launched in 1963.

Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Waldkraiburg, Germany, about 65 km east of Munich. Besides the global network of sales and service representatives, there are four wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, France and the United States.

For more information, contact:
Headquarters and manufacturing facility:
Multipond Wägetechnik GmbH
Traunreuter Straße 2-4
84478 Waldkraiburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 86 38 – 961 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 86 38 – 961 - 111
Web site:

U.S. sales and service subsidiary:
Multipond America Inc.
225 N. Packerland Drive
Green Bay, Wis. 54303
Tel.: +1 - 920 - 490-8249
Fax: +1 - 920 - 490-8482
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10, booth F-100.



In response to an emerging need among global customers in the chocolate industry, Duyvis/Wiener has developed a compact chocolate machine, the Qchoc. Designed and engineered with field-tested components that have proven themselves highly satisfactory regarding functionality and reliability for the past decades, the stand-alone Qchoc chocolate batch installation produces chocolate of an outstanding fineness and quality.

Displayed at the most recent interpack 2008 show in Düsseldorf, Germany, the patent-pending Qchoc consists of an intensive pre-mixer that operates on the principle of taking crystal sugar as a basic ingredient and keeping it in suspension without any problem. This pre-mixer has evolved out of a combination of existing techniques, which have been combined in a unique manner. The mixing time has been reduced to practically zero by this special design.

This means that after adding the last ingredient, the grinding can be started immediately. Grinding takes place in a specially dimensioned ball mill, which executes the grinding highly efficiently by means of the stirring arms combined with the appropriate ball diameter. By making good use of the created surface and a special warm/cold water system, the temperature of the product can be strictly controlled.

The integrated Taste-Changer checks the product and treats it intensively using hot air, shifting tension and surface enlargement, giving the product the identical same characteristics as if it were conched. The product is pumped through the machine by a specially designed pump, which is also suitable for pumping crystal sugar in suspension.

Designed and engineered to facilitate sanitation, the unit can be installed easily without special provisions. Because of the closed water system and the efficient handling of supplied energy, the Qchoc has little or no negative environmental impact.

Capable of producing 400 kg chocolate in two hours time, the Qchoc line consists of 400-, 600- and 800-kg capacities.

For more information, contact:
Schipperslaan 15
1541 KD  Koog aan de Zaan
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 75 6 126 126
Fax: +31 75 6 158 377
Web site:    

At Upakovka, visit Hall 2, booth 22-A32. At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth D-090/E-099.


ADM Cocoa offers cocoa, chocolate and compound coatings, with the quality and consistency only the world’s premiere cocoa and chocolate manufacturer can provide. ADM Cocoa is able to source the world for cocoa beans, to provide you with custom blends of cocoa that meet your high standards for taste and quality.

TheMerckens brand of chocolate has been used by premium chocolate retail confectioners for more than 80 years.  The brand’s flagship offerings include Marquis, Yucatan and Ivory chocolate coatings. 

Our premium chocolate and Rainbow coatings are extremely user friendly and still retain the legendary flavor profile you’ve known for years. 

Supported by a strong technical staff and knowledgeable sales force, ADM Cocoa works with its customers to provide the right product for the right application.

We’re the people behind the chocolate: the stewards of the time-honored worldwide brandsAmbrosia,De Zaan andMerckens. Our employees draw on a century-long tradition of chocolate production and manufacturing, with key technicians who bring decades of hands-on experience in the cocoa business.

For more information, contact:
ADM Cocoa
12500 West Carmen Avenue
Milwaukee, Wis.  53225
United States
Tel.: 414-358-5700
Fax: 414-358-5755
Web site:

Bosch Packaging Technology

At the upcoming ProSweets show in Cologne, Bosch Confectionery will showcase the following equipment: the BVK 2000 B flow-wrapper, the BLK 0115 laboratory batch cooker,  and the Contiline, all detailed below.

BVK 2000 B
With the B version of its reliable high-speed flow wrapping machine, Miniwrap BVK 2000, Bosch offers the latest horizontal form, fill and seal technology for standard candy products at very affordable prices. The Miniwrap machines stand for highest efficiency and highest package quality. Convince yourself how easy, reliable and affordable flow packing can be.

BLK 0115 LA
The Bosch BLK 0115 is a Laboratory Batch Cooker with a vacuum device for the production of high boilings and toffee masses. The Batch cooker with a batch size of 3-5 kg is perfectly suitable for the production development and/or the laboratory use.

Bosch Contiline
Bosch has recognised the increasing trend and growing market for bars and has developed special technologies for the production of different and innovative types of bars. Whether confectionery, muesli or cereal bars, the company is able to meet the requirements of this increased variety through its Contiline range, which embodies the universal and qualitative manufacture of these products.

WRL 0600
The Contiline WRL 0600 longitudinal cutting machine cuts the mass slab into equal, precise individual ropes. The circular knife shaft - an arrangement of circular knifes and intermediate distance rings - cuts on the cutting roller. The cutting roller is clad with so-called plastic wear rings. Depending on the bar mass, the large blade of the circular knives cuts above, on or into the wear rings in the cutting roller.

WRQ 1000
The cross cutting machine (guillotine) cuts the arriving mass ropes crosswise into individual bars. The guillotine is equipped with an inlet belt and an outlet belt. The inlet belt feeds the mass ropes into the knife. The outlet belt transports the freshly cut bars in the line’s direction of movement. Both belts have their own frequency-controlled drive.

For more information, contact:
Robert Bosch GmbH
Packaging Technology Division
Business Unit Confectionery & Chocolate
Postfach 10 02 62
41702 Viersen
Tel.: +49 – 2162 – 248 - 303
Fax: +49 – 2162 – 248 - 248
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth D-010/ E-011. At Upakovka, visit Hall 2.1, booth 21-B04.



Chocotech, the sister company of Sollich, will be displaying and providing information about their range of equipment at the ProSweets and Upakovka shows from both its candy and chocolate divisions.  From the chocolate side they will show theFrozenshellmouldless chocolate shell forming system and from the candy division, thePrincess SucrofilmwithSucromaster (a continuous thin film vacuum cooker for laboratory use), theTornado pressure beater and theJellymix gravimetric dosing and mixing unit.

TheFrozenshell is a mouldless chocolate shell-forming system.  Metal tools on a frozen plate are submerged into a bath of tempered chocolate to form chocolate shells. This unit can be used for making plain dessert shells or in combination with a depositor to add a filling to make European-style pralines.

ThePrincess SucrofilmwithSucromaster is a sophisticated pilot lab line for any heat-sensitive product to be cooked under vacuum.  The unit on display is designed for capacities up to approximately 50 kg/hour.  This complements the similar production-sized equipment, which is designed for capacities up to 1,000 kg/hour for each cooking unit.

TheTornado is a pressure beater that is designed for the continuous aeration of sugar masses. Depending on the product density required, the machine can do a maximum throughput of 2000 kg/hour.

TheJellymix is a gravimetric dosing and mixing unit for colors, flavors and acids.

For more information, contact:
Martin McDermott – Sales and Marketing Director
Chocotech GmbH
Dornbergsweg 32
Wernigerode, D-38855
Tel.: +49 (3943) 550613
Fax: +49 (3943) 5506-22
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth C-020/D-021. At Upakovka, visit Hall 2, booth 22-B-02.


Dumoulin continues to take the lead in automatic pan coating systems with the introduction of their automatic mini coating pan type Logix 252 for capacities up to 250 kg.  The Logix is for sugar or sugar-free hard panning and Dumoulin also offers the Logic for chocolate panning.  

Not only can the unit handle most dried fruits or seeds (such as almonds, nuts, peanuts, raisins, banana, pineapple, blueberries, etc.) but also a full range of manufactured products (toffees, caramels, fondants, chocolate, extruded or expanded products, compressed tablets, chewing gums, licorice, marshmallows, chewy candies, etc.)

It is designed to handle any type of syrup (sucrose, dextrose) but also all types of polyols. The equipment is designed to work with a very wide range of temperatures, concentrations and viscosities.

Logix are also high performance units with respect to coating speed. Air flow going through the dragee mass allied with the geometry of the perforated drum makes sure that an exceptionally large surface area is exposed to the ventilated air, causing the dragees to dry thoroughly very quickly.

By the careful selection of logic technology and low depth of the product bed, the Logix ensures that the sensitive centers are maintained in perfect shape without deformation. The cylindrical elongated shape of the drum along with the appropriate angle of the mixing baffles, offers a very large exchange area for drying or cooling air and the homogeneous spread of the coating solution.

The most advanced system for the control and regulation of all air parameters, including: air flow, humidity and temperature, allows a complete repeatability of the process.

The unique Dumoulin design ensures that the syrup nozzles never become clogged by crystals as the nozzles are automatically washed with fresh water after every spray. Furthermore, the extraction of the syrup spraying section outside the pan is possible with an integrated back extraction system. High accuracy and reliability is achieved through the use of a heated lobe pump with a volumetric flow meter.

The coating cycle is run in automatic using two standard Euro bins. Recipes are entered using a tactile display. Loading, unloading and washing operations are controlled in manual mode.

For more information, contact:
François Adele – General Manager
Ets Dumoulin et Cie
5 rue Auguste Perdonnet
Tournan en Brie, 77220
Tel.: [33] 1-64845006
Fax: [33] 1-
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth D-050. At Upakovka, visit Hall 2, booth 22-A10.

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

Every aspiring chocolatier faces two obstacles to success. First, of course, you must make an exceptional product that attracts and satisfies customers. And second, you must position, manage and market your business to make money in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The Chocolatier’s Workshop is a three-day, hands-on seminar conducted by senior staff of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate along with a select team of outside professionals.

In The Chocolatier’s Workshop, you will learn time-tested techniques for making superb chocolate products. More importantly, you will learn how to make those products stand out on the shelf and in the minds of your customers. You will learn the importance of branding, packaging and merchandizing. You will receive practical instruction on the legal, accounting, insurance and organizational processes required to manage a retail business. You will learn from best-in class examples. And you will leave the workshop with all the tools necessary to develop, write and  implement a successful marketing plan for your business.

For more information, contact:
Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate
20 North Broad St.
Lititz, Pa.  17543
Tel.: 717-626-3271
Fax: 717-626-3487
Web site:



The Bühler Technology Group’s Chocolate & Cocoa business unit has developed optimal solutions for the nut, cocoa, and chocolate industries for more than 100 years. With the total knowledge and combined capabilities of Bühler, Barth, Frisse, and Bindler, Bühler offers a seamless range of products and services from the raw cocoa beans to the moulded chocolate articles. Services cover everything from the development and production of machines, process technologies, and control systems to the construction of complete turnkey production plants.  

Bühler engineers develop individual solutions with you and for you which offer you high added value. This enables both small and large companies to share the innovation power and technological leadership of Bühler.  

A large number of successful companies place their confidence in Bühler as a solid partner who will support them throughout their lifetime with consulting, technology, development, project processing and customer service.Credibility, healthy realism, a team spirit and pleasure characterize collaboration with Bühler. What has beendecided upon will be done – after all, Bühler can offer a rich trove of experience in executing demanding projectsin addition to its enthusiasm for innovation. With Bühler teaming up with you, inspiration is transformed into aneffective plan for future success. The plan is then turned into a reality – and into sustainable profits for bothpartners. Reliability means: Bühler will be around until everything is up and running to your entire satisfaction.And will return again every time you come up with new ideas.

Innovation power from a spirit of discovery
Bühler believes in the future of the cocoa and chocolate market and is committed to the continuous developmentof new technologies and knowledge. In this, the Chocolate & Cocoa business unit profits from the exchange ofexperience and knowledge among the different specialized sites and from synergies with other segments of theBühler Technology Group, which is a market leader in numerous areas. Of course, Bühler also collaborates withleading research institutes.

Welcome to our booth at Pro Sweets
At the forthcoming ProSweets show in Cologne, Bühler will exhibit – among other pieces of equipment -- the revolutionary FlexiShot solution. The flexible nozzle concept enables moulding with a clean break and non-tailing depositing. You can also experience the CoolCore cold stamping process in action, producing consistent chocolate shells with accurate weights in innovative shapes.   

On the conching side we will present the ElkoLino one shaft laboratory conche. Designed for R&D and product development, this conche is a perfect tool for new product development. This and much more will be waiting for you at our booth.

For more information, contact:
Bühler AG
GupfenstrasseCH-9240 Uzwil
Tel.: + 41 (71) 955 11 11
Fax: + 41 (71) 955 33 79
E-mail: Bühler.uzwil@Bü
Web sites: www.Bü;;

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth E-060.

Laboratory Triple Shot Depositor

Winkler und Dünnebier

Rainer Runkel, managing director of Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH (WDS), has introduced – in light of the ProSweets show in Cologne – an expanded product range as well as numerous technical new developments involving WDS confectionery lines.

Remaining committed to the central idea of a “Method to customer care,” WDS, the company located at “Mittelrhein” and “Westerwald,” continues to expand on that concept.

The confectionery lines manufactured in 2008 reflect a continuous improvement program, one whose acceptance parallels a dramatic sales increase within the company. All confectionery lines are manufactured in a modular fashion, which allows each customer to individually tailor a line for their specific requirements. The “core” of the WDS confectionery plants are the traditional and highly flexible depositing systems, either the One-Shot or Triple-Shot units.

The WDS production lines enjoy an excellent reputation and are of the highest quality and reliability. They are extremely robust and are engineered for three-shift operations.

Additionally, all WDS machines are well-known for their high loading tolerance as well as their long production life. Modifications to existing WDS plants, as well as those of competitors, can easily take place. Retro depositors from WDS allow for an impressive production and financial advantage due to their depositing precision. The modernization requests from customers are mainly the installation of these depositors, the integration of servo-controlled drives and the implementation of additional units (such as a FSC Flash Shell cooling station and decorating station, sugar sanding equipment and extruders).

Another important focus for the company remains research and development in the WDS technology lab. In direct contact with the development departments of the international confectionery industry, attractive products with new, and often complicated product characteristics, are created. Designers, product developers, masters of confectionery, as well as food engineers, develop new steps and processes in depositing technology. Servo-driven lab depositors, flash-shell cooling units, extruders and other components of WDS depositing plants are available in our lab. The lab-scale plants can be adjusted to the different product requirements and they are suitable for all sample production. The WDS technology lab has been continually expanded over the years in order to best serve our customer base.

Included in the WDS production range are the lab depositor, the mogul line type 461 B/1 as well as the depowdering machine 462 GL and the starch conditioning line 462.10 (drying, cooling). The Confec 372 and the 273 moulding plant for solid chocolate are also part of the chocolate moulding line range. Additional improvements have also been reached in the depositing process for hard candy, fondant and toffee products (type 163/165 and Candy Wizard Type 263).

The company’s Flash Shell Cooling Station (FSC) incorporates technology derived from the WDS-cold printing station that’s characterized by precise mould transport (with formation of groups) to the FSC-station, proper mould positioning below the stamping unit and perfect isolation of the complete compact station.

WDS has also launched a new version of the 352 extruder. The extruder will be available with a piston metering system as well as with a pump system for ropes.

At ProSweets WDS will present a lab-sized Triple-Shot depositor. Members of the WDS sales staff will be available to discuss this or other innovations in detail.

For more information, contact:
Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH
Ringstraße 1
D-56579 Rengsdorf/Germany
Tel.: +49 - 26 34 - 96 76 - 200
Fax: +49 - 26 34 - 96 76 - 269
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth E-061.

T-Gel is a mogul kitchen

The Tanis Group

Tanis manufactures machinery and cooking kitchens for all kinds of products: jellies, fondant pieces, caramels, chewy candies, nougat, etc. It’s a “trick” we’ve been performing with success for more than 12 years. However, to make product combinations that truly create something new, that’s a different kind of magic.

We are proud to say that The Tanis Kitchen offers an excellent platform to improve your performance in that respect. One can create unique combinations, such as a “sugar fondant’”with a “jelly center,” covered with chocolate, brown or white, or a “milky fondant” together with a caramel.  The only limiting factor is your imagination.

For those who’d like to go more extreme, one can also add a liquid center to these products with a jelly or a sugar solution containing alcohol. In addition, pieces of dried fruit or nuts can be added.

The products can be deposited in silicon moulds or in starch. Depositors with silicon moulds can be supplied by The Tanis Group. For producing and testing of those products as well as exploring all kinds of combinations, you can visit The Tanis Kitchen. There we can perform tests together using our highly skilled personnel who have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in developing and producing candy.

The Tanis Kitchen offers all kinds of cooking systems to make various combinations: production scale bar line, enrobing equipment, depositing in silicon moulds/aluminum moulds and starch, drop roller and so on. For packinging, a flow packer is available.

Come meet The Tanis Group at the Upakovka show in Moscow, January 27-30, and at the ProSweets show in Cologne, February 1-4.

For more information, contact:
The Tanis Group
PO Box 58
4920 AB Made
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 162 523540
Fax:  +31 (0) 162 570188
Web site:

At Upakovka, visit Hall 2.2, booth 22-A10. At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth E-101.

"H" CAVEMIL for plain chocolate with inclusions and One-Shot cream-filled products.

Carle & Montanari

Carle & Montanari, an Imola, Italy-based Sacmi company, and Carle & Montanari USA, Inc., present a new moulding concept, suitable for all customers, from small to large-sized manufacturers, that offers a low initial investment as well as potential for quick modular upgrades.

The new “H” Cavemil Crem moulding line for making chocolate products by various applications such as shell moulds, book moulds, biscuits, wafers, inclusions, or one-shot in all mould sizes can be supplied with different layouts, and its configuration can be easily modified to include new products or extra capacity as needed. The new “H” Cavemil Crem moulding line’s flexibility features the following possibilities: new FV vertical coolers with movable moulds and supporting trays; rotary depositors (type MLR3A), and piston depositors (type MEP3A) suitable for spot, ribbon, one-shot and co-depositing dosing; fast-shell module for shell-moulding; depositors for solid inclusions (types DRPM, MIXOUT, DNR, etc.), cookies (CBR) and wafers (SCV); andbook moulding units for chocolate eggs and balls.

As stated, not all segments need to be purchased at once, since customers may select the moulding unit that first matches their actual application need. Thus, they are no longer forced  to predict the modules that might be needed in the future. This philosophy allows for a low starting investment, with the step-by-step upgrade coming into consideration if, and when, it is needed for new products or increased capacities.

The “H” shaped layout determines how customers may add new, independent moulding “branches” without touching the main moulding line. A new branch with cooling, for example, allows for a huge capacity increase from potentially 15 to 25 moulds per minute. Additional branches of the “H” Cavemil Crem remain totally independent, with each being run as needed for production; other branches can be switched off for cleaning, maintenance and set-up for new products.

Flexibility of the “H” branch-based configuration also offers the widest possible accessibility of any moulding line in the market. Each point of the moulding line is open and accessible on all sides, and processing areas can be easily reached for setting, cleaning and maintenance operations.

One particular benefit to customers is potentially great savings regarding the number of moulds used for each production run, as well as energy savings for better environmental sustainability. According to the firm, it is not necessary to run a full set of moulds. The number of moulds for each article varies according to the moulding branches in production. While production continues on the main branch, others can be switched off to be cleaned, maintained, and set up for other products, conserving energy for the branches that are not actually running.

As future configurations of the moulding line come onto the drawing board, units are added around it on the “H” branch format without the need to move the demoulding section and therefore eliminating any unwanted consequence of the upgrade on the packaging section. Moreover, any addition of a new module in any of the branches does not require the extensions of the corresponding opposite branch as it happens in the standard layout design.

Additionally, the new “H” layout allows for zero impact upgrading of the existing moulding line. The new branches come mechanically pre-assembled, electrically pre-wired and electronically independent with their own electric cabinet. No modification of existing utilities is needed, such as for chocolate piping, water supply, tempering, etc., but only extensions to connect the new modules.

For more information, contact:
Carle & Montanari
Via Trebbia 22 – loc. Quinto
de’ Stampi
20089 Rozzano (Milan), Italy
Tel.: +39 – 0282452-1
Fax: +39 – 0282452252
Web Site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth F-050/G-059.

High-speed Depositor at interpack 2008


One of the newest products that the company unveiled at this year’s interpack, its High-speed Depositor, will be the focus of the company’s informational booth at the ProSweets show being held in Cologne alongside the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM).

The High-speed Depositor is suitable for depositing all types of aerated chocolate creams, batters and marshmallows. It combines undreamed-of possibilities with the company’s undisputed stamp of quality.

The unit is capable of depositing at very high speeds; up to 300 rows per minute depending on the product. During dosing, the volume flow for each product is synchronized upstream of the nozzle exit by mechanically linked annular gear pumps. Thereby, the differences in the dosing weight can be kept within very close limits.

At the end of dosing, a part of the mass will be retracted into the nozzles. This allows a clean and simultaneous cut off of the mass at the nozzle exit, which further improves the quality of the products and the accuracy of the dosing weight.

By means of the highly dynamic X- and Z-axes, it is possible to deposit precisely onto the product conveyor belt or into a mould at very high cycle rates.

Other features include a changeable and flexible program, easy changeouts of depositing tools and a small footprint. The High-Speed Depositor easily accommodates recipe management and contains a coordination interface for line operation.

For more information, contact:
Haas-Mondomix B.V.
Damsluisweg 41
1332 EA Almere
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31/36/5210 999
Fax: +31/36/5210 900
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth G-008.

Hosokawa Bepex GmbH

The Confectionery & Bakery Group of Hosokawa Bepex GmbH is a well-known supplier of specialized confectionery processing machines. The group consists of its member companies and brands: Ter Braak, Bepex-Hutt and Kreuter. Ter Braak specializes in mass preparation; Bepex-Hutt supplies equipment for forming, cutting and depositing; and  Kreuter provides equipment for enrobing, cooling and decorating.

Many years of processing experience and know-how have positioned the group as a leading source of confectionery production equipment and complete processing lines.Equipment and production lines for any type of confectionery products can be designed and supplied, starting from raw materials handling and ending up with the desired finished product.

Services provided include:
   A single source for project management
   Processing technology and system controls tailored to individual requirements
   Total coordination of the project from a single location
   Processing equipment and systems designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer
   Product development assistance and testing of new recipes available at our test centers

At the ProSweets show in Cologne 2009, Hosokawa will exhibit its Mono Rotary Bar Roller Press type MDP 200-400 Easy Clean at Hall 10, booth 059, aisle E.

The MDP machine has a forming width of 100 mm and a forming speed up to 5.5 meters/minute. It is designed for the production of single-layer products. Depending on the nozzle installed, the machine can form a slab or individual ropes.

The forming head is equipped with different temperature zones for processing a wide range of different kinds of masses. Positive displacement action stems from a special roller and rotary bar arrangement and less pressure is applied compared to Rotary Bar Roller Press Type DP.

For more information, contact:
Hosokawa Bepex GmbH
Daimlerstraße 8
74211 Leingarten
Tel.:    +49 7131 907 - 0
Fax:    +49 7131 907 - 301
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth 059.


At Upakovka 2009 you can have a closer look at the newAMC SuperNovatempering machine series which was launched at interpack 2008. It represents the absolute state of the art within chocolate tempering featuring unique Scandinavian design in stainless steel, constant crystal content as well as highest chocolate output temperature during tempering.

In fact theAMC SuperNova Basicmodule covers anything from straight heat exchanging of any pumpable mass to the highly precise creation of Beta V crystals in a high-quality chocolate mass.

TheAMC SuperNova 1000 PreTreatand theAMC SuperNova 2200 CTSwill also be exhibited. The uniquePreTreat module is laid out for both cooling and heating and ensures safe stabilization of varying temperatures in chocolate mass pumped from an external tank. The mass is then free from undesirable crystals. This ensures longer shelf life of your chocolate products and minimizes fat-bloom.

The CTS version of theAMC SuperNova features a space saving built-in compact tempering system for re-circulation of excess mass. It offers you complete flexibility to use it for enrobing or to perform an in-line production shift of mass to a depositor or an extruder.

Aasted-Mikroverk is known as the builder of the largest, high-quality moulding lines achievable. By launching the newJensen compact modular moulding line concept, the qualities are now also obtainable for lower outputs. The newJensen moulding lines are available in widths 500 mm, 700mm and 1,000mm with output capacities from 480 kg/hour and up to 2200 kg/hour. Speeds range from 10 to 20 moulds/minute.

A very popular version of the newJensen line is for making solid moulded chocolate tablets with or without ingredients such as nuts or rice crisps. The output is then up to 800 kg/hour and the speed reaches 15 moulds/minute. The depositor is also prepared for making one-shot products. A wide range of extensions are possible for making filled products, products with biscuits and wafers, cold-pressed products withFrozenCone technology as well as aerated products.

Aasted-Mikroverk is represented by LLC Vladco and Vladislaw Habatullin  in Russia and its neighboring countries.

Our representative will be happy to guide you in using theAMC SuperNovatempering machines, in theJensen line as well as in any other Aasted-Mikroverk equipment such as depositors,ChocoAssort moulding lines for automatic moulding of complete praline boxes in one go,ChocoMeters, bakery equipment or projects such as the  rebuilding of complete lines with new equipment.

For more information, contact:
Aasted-Mikroverk ApS
Bygmarken 7-17
DK-3520 Farum
Tel.: +45 4434 8000
Fax: +45 4434 8080
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth C-028. At Upakovka, visit Hall 2.2, booth A-40.



At the ProSweets 2009 show, Sollich will exhibit two machines, both which represent a main focus for the company’s wide production range. One of these two machines will be theTurbotemper TT, which had been exhibited at the interpack 2008 for the first time. This new type ofTurbotemper is suitable for tempering all common chocolate and fat masses and has been continuously developed to offer maximum performance capacity. It is also available now in the latest versions, “liquid” and “heavy duty.”

One of the highlights of the unit is that theTempergraph installed in theTurbotemper – or in case of existing installations --  in the pipework, measures the degree of tempering continuously. The individual readings of the temper index are recorded and thus give an account of the tempering quality during production. The newTurbotemper is available with integrated de-crystallization and also as typeTurbotemper AIROfor aeration of chocolate masses and fat fillings. The tempering capacities range from 50 kg/hour up to 18 tons/hour.

Furthermore, Sollich will show an enrobing machine typeMinicoater TTS 420 with built-in tempering, available in 320 mm and 420 mm working widths. This unit can be supplemented by type TTS 520 or TTS 620, which are also equipped with built-in tempering.

For larger working widths up to 1,300 mm we offer ourTemperstatic T5, which is also equipped with built-in tempering. The most famous of the Sollich enrobing machines is theEnromat in either Custom, Magnum or CIP execution. These enrobing machines are fed with tempered chocolate from a tempering machine typeTurbotemper Top with a built-in circulation tempering system and are applicable for difficult enrobing processes worldwide. Working widths of the M5 are available from 820 mm up to 2,600 mm.

At the Upakovka show, Sollich will introduce the newly developedMiniconbar system for one- and two-layer candy and cereal bars, suitable for small production lines and laboratory facilities. In addition, theTurbotemper system type TT 600 B will be on exhibit. The machine will be equipped with an intermediate tank, an aeration system and theTempergraph, all included in one machine. Furthermore, the servo-drivenDecormatic system in combination with theTurbotemper, will be demonstrated at the booth.

For more information, contact:
Sollich KG
Siemensstrasse 17-23,Postfach 16 29
Bad Salzuflen, D-32102
Tel.: +49] 5222-950-148
Fax: +49 5222-950-300
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 2, booth 22-B. At Upakovka, visit Hall 10.1, booth C020/D021.

Five-roll refiner


F.B. Lehmann, which  manufactures complete confectionery lines to produce chocolate, compounds, fillings, coatings, fat binders, chocolate blocks, chocolate spreads and nut pastes, will showcase the latest trends and developments in the field of chocolate, cocoa and nut processing at this year’s ProSweets show being held in Cologne. Information about the latest generation of five-roll refiners, ball mills, a new developed laboratory roaster and different new control concepts will be available at the booth.

F.B. Lehmann’s full-scale cocoa processing and nut processing lines are designed and produced to achieve high quality nut paste, cocoa mass and butter. A large selection of different machines, capacities and modules are available to adapt concepts and designs as close as possible to meet a customer’s request.

Visitors to the booth will be able to learn detailed specifics about equipment and processing lines. In confectionery, Lehmann’s new generation of five-roll refiners, which are equipped with five frequency drives and forced cooling water flow to optimize the production of heat-sensitive, fine chocolate, increase the flexibility and automation of roll refiner lines. For those using ball mills, enhanced designs enable new processing options that deliver distinct advantages. 

Attendees at the show seeking information  about cocoa and nut processing will note that Lehmann’s range of KR roasters offers improved operation and better maintenance.

Information about a new generation of winnowers engineered for improved efficiency, flexibility and quality of the winnowing process will also be available. 

A laboratory roaster will beexhibited at the booth.

For more information, contact:
Jörg Sommer - Sales Director
F. B. Lehmann
Daimlerstrasse 12-13
Aalen, 73431
Tel.: [49] 7361 562-288
Fax: [49] 7361 562-60
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth D-031.


Hebenstreit supplies production systems for flat and hollow wafers that range from semi-automatic lines with a capacity of about 120 kg/hour to fully automatic, high-efficiency lines rated at 1,200 kg/hour and more.

The extent of the product range begins with raw material dosing and mixing systems for the preparation of wafer batters and extends to the fully automatic conveying of the cut, cream-filled  wafers to subsequent packaging machines, coating  plants or moulding  lines.

As early as 1898, baking machines were manufactured in the factory in Radebeul near Dresden. However, since the company’s re-incorporation in 1950, the headquarters are now located in a nearby suburb of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Many  high-profile companies form part of the Hebenstreit clientele, with the world’s most  popular wafer products produced on its systems.

Each wafer production system is “tailor-made” according to the individual requirements of the customer. They are designed depending on the type of product required, capacity, grade of automation and existing production facilities. In addition, high-quality products in many cases demand the development of custom-engineered machines.

As a matter of principle, maximum operating  safety and the incorporation of the latest technological improvement, be they mechanical or electrical, remain critical components of every Hebenstreit production system.

Such continual self-improvement minimizes “down time.” For example, all clutch/brake units have been replaced by frequency-controlled drives or servo drives. Consequently, production interruptions because of maintenance requirements or normal wear and tear are minimized.

Hebenstreit guarantees excellent post-sales service, supported by a network of more than 60 representatives worldwide, as well as 25 highly experienced service engineers.

For more information, contact:
Hebenstreit GmbH
Hessenring 16
D-64527 Moerfelden-Walldorf
Tel.: +49 (0) 6105-02-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6105-202-190
Web site: 

At Upakovka, visit Hall 2.2, booth B-02.

LRM-S fold-wrapping machine for chocolate bars capable of handling 500 bars/min.


LoeschPack is a leading international company developing, manufacturing and supplying full service engineering packaging solutions. The constant increase in more demanding requirements by our customers necessitates ever greater expertise, perfect quality and ever-growing capacities.

Loesch rises to this challenge as a leader in quality and innovation, implementing innovative concepts to meet these requirements. All of our customers’ benefits derive from our “Packaging your Ideas” motto.

Consequently, the company will be displaying the latest generation of machines and new developments that deliver innovations and benefits for our customers at the Pro Sweets show in Cologne.

The LRM-G-S high performance fold-wrapping machine on exhibit can individually package a wide variety of types and shapes of bars, mini tablets and Neapolitans.

The articles can be wrapped in one or two types of packaging materials in a single production step - with envelope folding, sleeve folding, or cubed folding, with or without the closure of the bottom seam.

A wide variety of packing materials with differing properties can be used for the packaging, both for the inner wrapping and for the outer wrapping: coated, sealable or paper-laminated aluminum foil, embossed or smooth (paper - plain or printed sections) from the roll (sealed or glued transparent film) which can also be combined with aluminum foil on one side if required.

This single-station machine is characterized by its broad format range. All of the bar sizes within the defined format range can be packaged simply by exchanging the format components or by making minor adjustments. The format range can be adapted to individual needs as required. The especially simple conversion is carried out very quickly and this increases the machine’s flexibility and efficiency.

The machines are available as left or right-hand versions for compact unit configuration with efficient staff deployment and package speeds up to 500 bars/ min.

The machine on display packages moulded chocolate bars in a variety of versions. The items are fully wrapped in paper-laminated aluminum foil. The foil is printed in sections.

Suitable feeding systems for a direct connection to a typical molding or coating line are available.

Typically, small articles are grouped in multipacks and undergo further packaging. At ProSweets, the LRM-S machine will be on display in combination with the LTM-K-SA multipack machine. The LRM/LTM-K-SA machine combination provides substantial flexibility for the individual and multipackaging of chocolate items.

The individually packed articles coming from the LRM are first sorted according to package content – single, variety or mixed. The package contents are then packaged into trendy multipacks using carton wrap on the LTM-K-SA cartoning machine – for convenience and optimum presentation.

This single-station machine produces a folded carton wrapping for multipacks with one or more rows of prepackaged bars (mono or mixed) or mini chocolates. The performance range is up to 150 multipacks/min.

Like all LoeschPack machines, this machine too is available in left and right-versions.

For more information, contact:
Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH
Industriestrasse 1
96146 Altendorf
Tel.:    +49 – 9545 – 449 - 0
Fax:    +49 – 9545 – 449 - 500
Web site:

At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth G-041.